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For more than 20 years, BUCH MICH has been working to give temporary employment the positive image it deserves – and in much of the media industry, we have achieved exactly that. We focus on expertise, fairness and responsible action.

We know what companies in the media landscape need. We know what goes on in production on site and analyze precisely which skills the particular job position requires. Our many years of experience guarantee that our personnel fit the customer – both professionally and personally. From the daily EB shoot to the provision of staff for major sporting events, BUCH MICH is a reliable partner.

We act fairly and transparently with our clients as well as our staff. Our interest lies in building and maintaining sustainable business relationships. Even in the case of short-term employment, our goal is to ensure that the pool of employees is happy to return after the end of the project.

We are a door opener: customers can choose from a pool of capable professionals without any recruitment effort at BUCH MICH – and our employees can continuously improve their qualifications by working on interesting and varied productions.

We guarantee risk-free employment for both sides through our more than 20 years of expertise in all aspects of labor, tax and social security law.

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