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Expertise, Fairness and Responsibility

For more than 20 years, BUCH MICH has been working to give temporary employment the positive image it deserves – and in many parts of the media industry, we have achieved exactly that. Our focus is on expertise, fairness and responsible practices.

Our understanding of cooperation is:

  • a togetherness at eye level in a cooperative partnership
  • a model of fair interaction between employer and employee
  • open communication with our employees
  • offering personal and professional development opportunities
  • reliable agreements, also sometimes out of turn
  • punctual payments and reliable compliance with all contractual agreements
  • in our communication we always act transparent and solution-oriented
  • support with transfers to our customers in direct employment

We are a member of the Association of Technical Companies for Film and Television – Verband technischer Betriebe für Film- und Fernsehen (VTFF) and have adopted its Code of Conduct:

Open, respectful and non-discriminatory treatment

We are committed to equal opportunities and equal treatment of employees. We offer equal professional opportunities to all employees and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.

Every employee is obliged to respect the personal sphere of other employees.

Remuneration, working hours and occupational safety

We comply with the applicable laws and regulations on appropriate remuneration and ensure that employees are adequately compensated.

We provide workplaces that meet the legal requirements for occupational safety, health and safety at work and the regulations on working hours.

Personnel development

Diversity and equal opportunity are part of our corporate philosophy. We aim to attract the best employees, retain them over the long term and offer a wide range of opportunities for entry, promotion and professional development.

Data protection

Confidential and secure handling of data and information in general, as well as personal data, is a matter of course for us.

Fair competition and the conduct of member companies toward each other

We are committed to upholding the rules of fair competition.

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