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A varying order situation requires flexibility

Economic success in the media industry depends more and more on the personnel structure of the company. When the permanent staff has to be temporarily supplemented by external personnel during peak order periods, every employer faces the challenge of finding qualified, reliable and committed employees quickly.

The two pillars on which BUCH MICH builds its personnel services are the rapid availability of skilled workers and the permanent relief of the company’s own personnel resources.

The short-term leasing of personnel enables our customers to expand their entrepreneurial scope of action. Here, you can fully rely on the fact that you are assured of quality even in the case of „last minute“ bookings.

Another core competence is the development of long-term strategies for outsourcing personnel. As a responsible employer and thanks to our many years of experience, we have the necessary intuition and foresight that such a change requires.

In the event of increased staffing requirements, we enable you to deploy additional reliable and committed employees. Our pool of over 280 permanent employees offers you diversity and competence. More and more, our portfolio is expanding to include additional qualifications. In addition, your administrative workload is reduced, because we take care of social security and tax security.

With us you are well positioned – with competent manpower for every business challenge!

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